Locksmith in Dannevirke each Wednesday
example of our locksmith services in Hawkes Bay

Central Hawkes Bay's Local Friendly Qualified Master Locksmith

Craig at Paladin Locksmiths Ltd is Central Hawkes Bay's local friendly Qualified Master locksmith. Also serving Dannevirke and Tararua with a special low callout cost every Wednesday. Open from 6pm Saturday to 6pm Friday 24/6! Please call in for non emergency work after 6pm on Saturdays rather than during the day to allow us our Sabbath rest. Also you are welcome to call in for a key to be cut etc any evening except Friday evening which is part of our sabbath rest and a special family time.

Children are welcome to come and pat the pony or play on the 40ft long slide while their parents are getting keys copied. As you can see the pony is not shy about taking apples from you even if you are eating them!


Keeping people out

When you move into a new residence it is always a good idea to rekey the locks. You never know how many keys may still be with with prior tenants and their associates and Craig can key them all alike so that your one key fits all your locks and you don't have to carry a keyring like a jailer!

If you have experienced a breach in security or have concerns about your locking systems, Paladin Locksmiths Ltd's expert locksmiths can install quality locking devices and alarms for maximum security and peace of mind.

Getting you in

Craig at Paladin Locksmiths is skilled and experienced at repairing automotive locks too. Whether you have been locked out of your home, car or business, or have lost the key to a storage or security device, we can get you in with minimal or no damage to property and locks. We also offer sound advice on which security products are compatible with your needs. Contact us for more information on our locksmith services in Central Hawkes Bay and TARARUA.

Immobiliser Keys

Modern cars are equipped with sophisticated immobiliser devices embedded in the keyhead.

Craig is an expert at automotive keys and has the latest technology to clone your existing immobiliser key or program your car to accept a new key. It is always cheaper to get a spare before you lose your last key so contact Craig and he will come to you which is not only cheaper than a key from a dealer but much more convenient.

Craig also carries a large range of replacement key shells so that if the plastic case has broken on your Toyota key or the buttons are worn through on your commodore key he can fix the key to look like new using the existing electronics into a new shell at a fraction of the replacement cost.