I often have callout free days for getting keys copied -------------------------------- so ask if I can fit you in next time I run that special in your town.

Website Special- I'll come to you when I'm next in your area for no callout and give you the show special just quote the show site number in your booking.

Website special. Quote the site number from the add above and I will clone your immobiliser key at the show special price for 1996 to 2010 cars**. I can clone 90% of the immobiliser keys onto carbon chips which means your new key will be batteryless and completely unharmed by water making the new immobiliser key much tougher than your original remote key. Ask nicely and I might come and clone your key for you at your place for no callout charge next time I am in your area.

Call in for a key cut at our home from 8.30am to 8.30pm each day except we have our Sabbath rest and family time from 6pm Friday until 6pm Saturday so please bring your keys to be copied or other non emergency work after 6pm on Saturdays or before 6pm on Fridays.

I am in Dannevirke on Wednesdays and so offer callouts to the Tararua district on Wednesdays  at a $90* discount off the normal travel cost to Tararua for prebooked jobs.

*discount conditional on payment on time and offered for a limited time

**discount applies to standard immobiliser keys that I have in stock-sorry I can't do a cloned key for Mercs BMW and some Saabs and Volvos etc but neither can any other locksmith.

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